Impact Partners Australia is a boutique consulting firm that provides a premium service to clients in four critical areas: Strategy, Policy, Communications and Leadership.

We develop high-impact solutions based on deep insight and decades of senior executive experience in government, corporate and not-for-profit organisations. Our Partners have particular expertise in the following sectors: Government, Rural & Regional Issues, Indigenous Affairs, Energy, Forestry and Agriculture.

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We can manage your organisation’s strategy development process from start to finish so that your plan is owned by the people responsible for making it happen.

We can provide detailed analysis, deep insight and highly effective stakeholder engagement to the successful facilitation of these important processes.

Our deep experience at Board and CEO level allows us to provide honest and direct counsel to Boards and CEOs confronting complex and difficult issues.

We can provide an independent review of your existing strategy to ensure your organisation is delivering the outcomes required by your Board and provide advice on future strategy.


  • Our experience in the government, business and not-for-profit sectors allows us to provide the deep insight required to help you navigate relations with government.
  • We also provide private coaching and advice to Board Members and senior executives on government and public policy to help develop organisational capacity in this critical area.

We use our experience in working on a range of difficult and contested areas of public policy over decades to provide advice to senior Departmental Officers and Government Ministers on how to negotiate complexity, bring stakeholders together and develop high-impact solutions.

We act as an independent broker to design and manage stakeholder engagement processes to allow your organisation to conduct these often highly sensitive processes successfully.


Our experienced team is available to serve in short-term interim management assignments and can also provide counsel and support to junior managers acting more senior roles.

We provide ongoing mentoring and leadership development support to meet the needs of senior executives and Departmental Officers.

We use our deep experience in leading change to assist Boards and CEO to deliver and manage cultural and organisational change.

Our experience in business turnaround can assist Boards and CEOs to ensure that they are able to meet the significant challenges involved in a business turnaround project.

  • We provide expert advice to support leaders in regional areas to address entrenched issues, including place-based disadvantage and other structural issues, and help them lead change.
  • Our ‘opportunity’ perspective on country Australia allows us to provide advice to government and corporates on overcoming the political and business barriers that can arise in regional areas.


  • Annual Reports – we can write branded content, manage the project from beginning to end, or edit and proofread your existing text.
  • Expert review of grant applications & tender documents.

With our decades of experience in government and public policy, we can research and expertly craft your submissions to government, parliamentary Inquiries and other consultative processes.

  • Development of targeted Key Messages that open the door for you to communicate effectively with your audience.
  • If it’s not in the schedule, it doesn’t get done! Let us keep your marketing & communications function on track by developing a plan for implementation.

With years of experience in commercial publishing, we can take your draft and make it publication ready!

  • Professional copywriting for print and online – we make sure your content packs a punch!
  • Journalism – we research and write short or in-depth articles and OpEd pieces that drive home your message.
  • Media Releases – we use our communications, media and policy expertise to craft media releases that stand out from the pack.



Christian is a dynamic and focussed leader widely regarded for his ability to see the big picture and develop innovative solutions to complex problems. A highly accomplished CEO and Non-Executive Director, he has extensive experience across the corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors and excellent relationships at senior levels. Christian has a deep understanding of public policy and government and how shifts in policy can have a serious impact on businesses and not-for-profits.

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Christian Zahra
m 0417 034 725